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Fauzia took 30min to cycle from her house to the cinema. If she cycled the first 3km of the journey at a speed of 150m/min, find her average speed for the remaining 3km of the journey

  • Math -

    first part -- 3 km = 3000 m
    time for 1st part = 3000/(150) = 20 minutes

    second part --- 3 km
    time for second part = 30-20 = 10 minutes
    speed for 2nd part = 3000/10 = 300 m/min

    Her speed for the second leg of the trip was 300 m/min

  • Math -

    1km = 1000m

    She covered the first 3000 meters in 3000/150 = 20 minutes.

    Since she covered the remaining 3000 meters in 30-20=10 minutes, she must have cycled at 300m/min on average through this stage.

    Average speed is distance divided by time.

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