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1. Look at the girl's appearance. How does she look? She looks happy.

2. Look at the girl's looks. What does she look like? She looks angry.

3. Look at the girl on the first picture.
How does she feel? She feels angry.

4. Look at this picture. Will you describe her feeling? I think she feels sad.

5. Look at the second girl. What does she feel like? She feels like an angry lion.

(Would you check all the sentences? Are they all grammatical? Thank you for your help.)

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    1. OK

    2. "looks" is awkward in this sentence because of "look" as the verb. It's not incorrect, but it isn't smooth.

    3. ... in the first picture.

    4. Using future tense in the question is not quite right. It would be better to make that a command sentence, too.

    5. OK

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