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Thank you very much. I left out a few sentences I'm unsure of.

1) My school is not close enough for me to walk there. My school is too far for me to walk there. (Shall I include there in both sentences).
2) I didn't have enough time to visit her yesterday.
He confessed to/admitted breaking the vase. He denied breaking the vase.
He accused me of breaking the vase.
3) She offered/agreed/promised to phone Mary for me.
he suggested/proposed going to the seaside.
4) He ordered/urged/ asked me to come in and shut the door.
She congratulated me on passing my driving test.
5) She complained to the teacher about assigning too much homework.
6) He made her rewrite the test.

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    1. You can use "there" or not -- in both sentences. I think it's better with the word.

    All else is fine.

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