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I am making a thesis statement on this topic.
Jay Gatsby: Hero or Failure? Is Gatsby a heroic figure that can be idolized or is he a warning to the readers?
Would this be a good thesis statement?
While some people may view Gatsby as unsuccessful because of his tragic flaws, others believe he is victorious because he has logic, ideals and a dream.

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    It's not a thesis statement until it's clear what YOUR opinion (your stance) is.

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    While some people may view Gatsby as unsuccessful because of his tragic flaws, I believe he is victorious because he has logic, ideals, and a dream.
    Aren't you not supposed to use "I" or "me" in essays? Am i supposed to get my opinion across a different way?

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    By examining how Gatsby has logic,ideals, and a dream, it is evident that he is a heroic figure.
    Would this be a better thesis?

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    No, it's YOUR paper, and therefore if you write this, it'll be YOUR opinion:

    Gatsby comes across as victorious because he has logic, ideals, and a dream.

    If you add the contrast to "other people" and their view, put them in a separate sentence ... just before the thesis, probably.

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    I like your thesis better. I'll use that one. Thank you!

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    You're welcome!

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    When I hand in my thesis statement, is it supposed to be typed and in proper MLA format, or do I just write it down?

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    How is your teacher asking for it? By itself?

    I usually asked for a thesis statement with the draft outline under it on the page.

    In the paper itself, the thesis should show up at the END of the introduction.

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    Yes, he's asking for it by itself. Our ISU has 3 checkpoints
    1)submission of thesis
    2) Conference with teacher
    3) Final draft
    Does that mean i have to type it?

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    If you're not sure, then type it.

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