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MS. SUE OR ANYONE PLS. HELP ME..technical writing

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please help me if this is correct i have made for my homework.
instruction is below:
As a customer service manager for a local software development company, you want to create a user manual for one of the software applications your company develops. The purpose of the manual is to support your customers in purchasing and using the software.
Describe the three main steps of the technical writing process and how you would use these steps to create the manual mentioned in this scenario.
Explain the objectives of technical writing.

my answer.

The Technical Writing Process

The three main steps of the technical writing process are pre-write, write, and rewrite.
The first step is pre-write.
By starting this step I will gather all my information and thoughts about purchasing and using the software for the manual. I will create an outline to examine my purposes and determine my main goals. This will organize my words, and this will also allow my readers to follow along easily.

I will also consider my audience so that I can determine how I will deliver the content. I am a customer service manager so this means that my audience will be the average, everyday person. They will most likely not have much information about the software manual I will be creating. Knowing this, I need to make sure I write enough details that are easy to follow. I will need to have detailed instructions with visuals, graphs, or charts for easy understanding. My audience may have different backgrounds which are multicultural, that speak different languages, and have different expectations. I must consider this when I am communicating. I need to make sure not to offend anyone, stay away from stereotypes, and write with respect for my audience.

The next step would be to start writing my rough draft using my outline a

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    It's fine so far.

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