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chemistry-balanced redox equations

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Use the following steps to balance the redox reaction below:

Mg + Au+ Mg2+ + Au

a. Write the oxidation and reduction half-reactions. Make sure each half-reaction is balanced for number of atoms and charge

b. Multiply each half-reaction by the correct number, in order to balance charges for the two half-reactions.

c. Add the equations and simplify to get a balanced equation.

  • chemistry-balanced redox equations -

    You need to learn how to do these yourself. What exactly do you not understand so we can get you started on th right foot.

  • chemistry-balanced redox equations -

    Mg to Mg2+ loses 2 electrons
    Au+ to Au gains one electron. So 2Au for each Mg

    Mg yields Mg+ +2e
    Au+ + e yields Au

    so multiply the second equation by 2

  • chemistry-balanced redox equations -

    hey ibis

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