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How much applied force is needed to accelerate a 2.0 kg block of wood at 4.0m/s^2 along a rough table, against a 10 N force of friction?

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    Now we have two forces:

    First is our force F
    Second is that friction force, opposite to F so call it -10 Newtons

    The block accelerates, so there is a net force (UNbalanced forces) which is net F =(F-10).
    Since they are unbalanced and acceleration A results:

    netF = m A

    (F-10) = 2 * 4
    F - 10 = 8
    F = 18 N
    If you do not get this PLEASE respond. You simply have to understand these three questions you asked before you go to the next chapter. This is the heart of the matter.

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    Thank you so much I understand now !

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    Excellent - Those questions are extremely important.

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