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Writeacher, here are the sentences I urgently need you to check.

1)Though you are still a student, refer to the type of approach to work you may adopt when working. Would you work at a job, at a career, or at a passion?
2) Write at least five phrasal verbs that are related to work and jobs.
3) Cold days bring on my cold.
4) Our English teacher takes off a mark for each grammar mistake.
5) Schools have already broken up.
5) I'm looking forward to my sister's letter.
6) You mustn't get out of it: u must confess that you had broken (have broken??) the vase.
7) The lorry driver stopped to take on the hitchhikers.
8) Mary's father brouhgt up two children by himself taking on the responsibility for the whole family.
The teacher invited me to look up the unknown words in the dictionary.
7) He asked me how many poeple had turned up at the party.
If Peter had turned down the gas, he wouldn't have brunded the soup.
8) What do you think of coming back to work?
What do you think you'll come back to work?

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    5. What is meant by "broken up" here?

    6. Check spelling; "have broken"

    8. Check spelling; comma after "himself"

    second 7. Please double-check all the words; this doesn't make sense.

    second 8. First sentence is OK. Second sentence doesn't make sense. Using "When" in place of "What" will work.

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