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The reaction:
H2PO4- + HAsO42 ---> HPO4- + H2AsO4-

Which one of the sets above lists both of the base species involved in the equilibrium?
I'm confused and couldn't identify the conjugate acids and bases properly. Could Dr.Bob explain abt this problem ? Thank you

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    Acids give away H^+. Bases add them. Look for the one that give them away and accepts them.
    H2PO4^- on the left and HPO4^2- on the right must be one pair. H2PO4^-has given one H away to something.
    HAsO4^2- and H2AsO4^- must be the other pair.
    So H2PO4^- has given a H to HAsO4^2-. In the process, H2PO4^- becomes HPO4^2- and HAsO4^2- becomes H2AsO4^-. It isn't that complicated. Just follow the H. It's easy to see which is missing and which has been added.

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    So,the answers are HAsO42- & HPO4- rite?
    Because from what I found,HAs04 2- is weakly basic and HPO4 2- is a conjugate base. So the bases are these two species above. M I rite?

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