Bob Pursley

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I can not copy and paste to the board.

  • Bob Pursley -

    Several of us were having that problem for the past couple of days. Please send an email to and give him details.

  • me too--Bob Pursley -

    Some of my posts will not post even if they contain no links. On those I can post a sentence or two (test post or another test post) but longer posts in answering a question will not post at all.

  • Damon and DrBob222 -

    Yes, that's what we were dealing with. Please write up the details and email them to the webmaster. Please also cc your emails to Bob.

  • me too--Bob Pursley -

    For example, I can't answer the post below of Jematormal91 but no problem with two or three others above that post.

  • Bob Pursley -

    I am noticing that special characters like ^ for exponent cause the dreaded forbidden message.

  • Bob Pursley -

    LOL - but not always.

  • Bob Pursley -

    I had the same experience today.

    But at least I can access Jiskha now. Something in Jiskha blocked me for two days.

  • Bob Pursley -

    Also had the same problem several times today not being able to post.
    Frustrating to spend time with something like trig identities, only to find out that it did not post.

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