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A diver is jumping straight up with 2 m/s from a 15 meter platform. Calculate the maximum height of the diver, the diver’s velocity when reaches the water, and total time to reach the water.

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    max height: new PE=initial KE
    mgh=1/2 mv^2
    h= 1/2 v^2/g

    velocity at impact
    KE at impact= PE lost+ initial KE
    1/2 m v^2= mg(15)+1/2 m 2^2
    solve for v.

    Total time.
    hf=hi+vi*t - 4.8t^2

    solve the quadratic, use the quadratic equation to solve for t.

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    Thanks bobpursely I need this for my Quantitative Biomechanics class

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