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Can you please check these sentences and tell me which one are possible?
Thank you.

1) He didn't let on the secret to anyone.
He didn't let out the secret to anyone.
2) He didn't let on that he knew Mary's secret.
He didn't let out that he knew Mary's secret.
3) Write 5 phrasal verbs related to work, 5 related to work (I don't know how to write this: I want students to write phrasal verbs like get off work, to be laid off, to take time off work etc.)
She asked me how many people had turned up at the party.
4) She offered to take on the responsibility for the firm.
5) When her husband died, she took over as the head of design.

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    1. Neither is good.

    2. 1st one is OK; 2nd one is not.

    3. Write five phrasal verbs that are related to work and jobs.

    2nd sentence is OK.

    4. OK

    5. OK

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