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Monique and her family decorated their house for the holidays.The roofline around their house measured 37 yards.When they went to the store,each box of lights contained 25 feet of stringed lights

If they buy 5 boxes of lights,will they have enough lights to go around the roofline of the house? Explain.

Monique's brother also wants to put lights around the front window.The window is 144 inches wide and 96 inches tall.How many boxes of lights will Monique's brother need to buy?

Monique wants to make the front door and the front window look like gifts. She buys exactly enough wrapping paper to cover each of them.If she bought 117 square feet of wrapping paper and the door is 3 feet wide,how tall is the door?

I don't get how to answer these. Can anyone help me please?

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    what grade question is this, running.from.myself?

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