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Can you please help me work out phrasal verbs related to work?

When do you think will you come ...... to work?
What are the possible prepositions?

back .... are there others? What about "down"?

Can you think of any phrasal verbs used with work (apart from take a day off work, lay someone off, take s. on ???)
Thank you.

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    When do you think you will come in to work?
    ... back to work?

    You'd use "down" only if you're referring to coming downstairs or maybe going down in a mineshaft or something like that.

    I'll think about others ...

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    Are you going in to work or staying home today?

    Is she working on that project now?

    I'll get off work around 5, so I'll meet you at the diner about 5:30.

    I woke up early, thinking about that budget, so I just got up and started working on it.

    He is studying engineering and working toward a career in aerospace.

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