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Can you please help me check these sentences? Thank you.

1) I'd like to make a career as a teacher.
I'd like to make money from my hobby.
I'd like to earn money by working as a lawyer.
2) I hope the weather will be fine but if there is heavy reain, I'll have to wear walking boots.
I'll put in my bag a wind breaker in case of heavy rain.
3) All the boys and the girls who will take part in the competition will have to wear a yellow T-shirt with the competition's sponsor on it. I'll also wear a large hat and I'll hold walking boots.
4) On the challenge I'll take a backpack with inside clothes and food for two days.(with clothes and food for two days in it).

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    1. I'd like to make my career as a teacher.

    2. ... fine, but if ... rain, I'll ... I'll put a windbreaker in my bag in case ...

    3. OK
    Why will you hold walking boots? Wouldn't you wear them?

    4. ... challenge, ... backpack with clothes and food in it for two days. (and your alternative in parentheses is correct, too)

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