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Writeacher, I need your help to check a few things. Thank you.

1) At the first time Clare didn't say if she was free, but the next day she confirmed she was able to go to the cinema. (Can you check this sentence for me?)
2) I would like to enrol at the faculty of Engineering.
I would like to make a carrer as a professional guitarist.
3) If I won the lottery, I would like to move into a huge house with servants who looked after me.
4) I would buy myself a Ferrari and would spend my time travelling around the world and staying in lusurious hotels.
5) Which of them is the girl you are in a relationship with?
It is not the same as: Which is the girl to whom you are engaged?
I feel released now that I've broken up with my boyfriend.

  • English -

    1. At first, Clare didn't say ...

    2. ... enroll in the School of Engineering.
    ... to make a career of playing guitar professionally.

    3. If I win ...

    4. ... luxurious ...

    5. The first two sentences mean the same thing, yes.

    I feel relieved ...

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