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Pepperidge Farm Goldfish is a snackfood for which 40% of its calories come from fat. Rold Gold Pretzels receive 9% of their calories from fat.How many grams of each would be needed to make 620g of a snack mix for which 15% of the calories come from fat?

  • Algebra -

    let the amount of goldfish needed by x g
    then the amount of pretzels needed is 620-x g

    .4x + .09(620-x) = .15(620)
    times 100
    40x + 9(620-x) = 15(620)
    40x - 5580 - 9x = 9300
    31x = 14880
    x = 480

    Needed: 480 g of goldfish, and 140 g of pretzels

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