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find the value of x in each triangle:
triangle x has 1 angle at 53 degree
for value x i got: 63.5 degree is that correct?

Classify each triangle.
7. The measures of 2 angles are :
45 degree and 45 degree
i got: acute

8. the measures of 2 angles are
15 degree and 47 degree
i got: acute

9. the measures of 2 angles are 53 degrees and 76 degrees. i got:

10. the measure of 1 angle is 18 degree
it got: acute

11. the measures of 1 angle is 90 degree
i got; right

12. the measure of one angle is 115 degree
i got: obtuse

13. the measures of the angles of a triangle are 40 degree, 50 degree, and 90 degree.
a. classify the triangle by its angles.
i got ; acute

b. can the triangle be equilateral? why or why not?
I said no, because it has to have the same length

c. can the triangle be isoceles? why or why not? no because it does not have 2 congruent sides.

d. can you classify the triangle by its sides? why or why not?
yes because it an be scalene

can you check my answers? pls

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    i don't get it still

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