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Robert and his dad want to build a sandbox for his sister's birthday.They wanted it to be 4 feet wide and have an area of 28 square feet.

What is the length of the sandbox?

Robert's dad decided to make the sandbox bigger by extending the length and width of the sandbox by 24 inches. What is the area of the bigger sandbox?

When Robert and his dad finished building the sandbox,it was 2 feet tall.He wanted to fill up the sandbox with new sand.Each bag of sand cost $12 and covers 3 cubic feet. HOw much money will Robert's dad save by only fillinh the sandbox half way?

I don't know how to answer the 2nd and last question

  • Math -

    For second question, 24 inches = 2 feet.

    (7+2)(4+2) = ?

    Third question. 2 feet high divided in half = 1
    Take area from above to find cubic feet. Since the change is 1 foot in height, it will be the same value. Divide by 3 and multiply that quotient by 12.

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