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physics please help!!

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1. A 26.0-Ω resistor, a 12.0-µF capacitor, and a 17.0-mH inductor are connected in series with a 150-V generator.
(a) At what frequency is the current a maximum?

2.A series circuit contains only a resistor and an inductor. The voltage V of the generator is fixed. If R = 20 Ω and L = 2.8 mH, find the frequency at which the current is one-fifth its value at zero frequency?

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    1) Maximum current occurs at resonant frequency
    f = sqrt(LC)/(2 pi)

    2) Compute the angular frequency w for which the impedance magnitude is increased by a factor of 5.

    I = (1/5)(V/R) = V/|Z|
    = V/sqrt[R^2 + (wL^2])

    V cancels out; solve for w.
    Then use
    f = 2 pi w

  • physics please help!! -

    Can you plug in the numbers for #1 please? I'm still a little confused.

  • physics please help!! -

    Sorry about that. The LC term should have been in the denominator, for problem #1.

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