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i have to make creative story abt me having mental illness. i really having trouble with this. i not know what mental problem to write about and how write it. i please really need help. in class we also watch movie A Beautiful Mind and this guy see delusions and have hallucinations.

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    Can you imagine hearing voices that tell you that all cats are evil and that you should kill every cat you see?

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    hmm that be something interesting to write about but that be same as rock hudson story when he have hallucinations? do each mental problem have hallucinations?

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    Voices that a person hears or visions that a person sees are hallucinations. Not all mental problems bring hallucinations -- but many do.

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    thanks ms. sue :) do eating disorder be mental problem?

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    Yes. An eating disorder is a mental problem.

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    ms. sue is adjustment disorder mental problem too? i look up some mental problems and this one be under less common mental disorders. i think most my family members relate with this disorder cause some their life event bring stress to them, it last for short though i think.

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    If the adjustment disorder with serious symptoms lasts more than a few months, it's considered a mental problem.


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    thanks very much ms. sue i hope to get writing on this by tomorrow:) hve a good night!

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