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we were asked to compare two countries using a chart: children and youth (age 0-19) Working adults (age 20-59) and Seniors (age 60 and older) we were then asked to identify the developed and the developing countries and make predication on the following questions: education for young people (age 10-19) Infant care for young mothers (age 20-29) Home construction for growing families (age 20-39) and Medical care for seniors (age 60 and older) - then told to write a report stating our predictions for our country and explain our reasons. also to identify what we think should be done to prepare the country for each of these four changes in the population - the chart is to predict what our country`s needs will be ten years from the date of the population data. We named one country Somewhere and did age group 0-19 - 25.90 and 20-59 - 51.70 and 60(seniors) -20.45 the other county called Elsewhere was 0-19 - 49.95 and 20-59 - 51.70 and 60 - 20.45 any help would be appreciated as i do not get this at all...i missed too many classes about it i guess - thank you so much!

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    In this data --

    Elsewhere was 0-19 - 49.95 and 20-59 - 51.70 and 60 - 20.45 --

    are 49.95, 51.70, and 20.45 the percentages of people in each age group?

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    Please check your figures. The percentages add up to more than 100%.

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    what should my percentages be then...i am so confused on this

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    can you help me alter the percentages so that this makes sense..

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    only my brother is home tonight and he said he could not help me.....i am supposed to write a page about his by tomorrow - my partner will be mad and disappointed that i don`t get this and i was embarrased to tell her i did not understand any of it. I missed a whole week of school before march break and i think i missed when my teacher was explaining this - thank you for any help at all i so much appreciate it

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    I asked you to check your numbers. Is it possible you miscopied them?

    I have no idea what percentages are in your problem. But they must add up to about 100%.

    Your percentages for the other country add up to 100%.

    25.90 + 51.70 + 20.45 = 98.05 which is almost 100%.

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    0-19 Somewhere country 51.80
    20-59 103.40
    60 older 40.90

    Elsewhere county
    0-19 99.90
    20-59 89.60
    60 older 10.30
    would this work better....

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