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can you guys please help me wwith a math problem, its asking to solve this equatoion, sqare root5x-4=3x-18. to fkire off first 5x-4= 3x-18 squared. foil thatand you are looking AT 9x squared -54x -54x+324/ add the -54 to 108x.then shoot the 5x to to the 108x and subbtract 5x to get -113x. now were looking at 9x sqred -113x+328 and then use the quadratic formulah -113+0r minus sqre root of 113 which is ,12,769- 4(9)(328)/18when you mutiply 4 328and 9 you get 11,808subtract 12,769-11,808=961/18 so your left with 13+- sqareroot of 961/18
and when i work it out and double check i gardner a no sloution set i. we have home work on math xl program and when i selsct the option of no solution it ssaids there is a solution . i have work 4 different problems under the baaner number of 5 and each problem worked rings out a no sloution set. and math xl saaids there is. i have tinkered with various avenues with this problem for 1 hours and 30 min. please help!!!! if you don't mind

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    (9x-41)(x-8) = 0

    note that sqrt(961)=31

    sqrt(5x-4) = 3x-18
    41/9 does not work, but 8 does

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    thx you steve

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