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In order for an employee to deduct home office expenses, which of the following must occur?

a. There must be no other fixed business location.

b. The taxpayer's most important activities must occur in the home.

c. The home office must be for the convenience of his or her employer.

is it A

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    No, that is incorrect.

    To deduct the cost of a home office, the office must be used regularly and exclusively as either the taxpayer's principal place of business or as a place for meeting customers or clients. Employees can only deduct home office expenses if the use of the office is "for the convenience of the employer." In most cases, employee use of a home office is for the employee's convenience, not the employer’s. Therefore, situations in which an employee can deduct home office costs are relatively rare.

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    thank you so much. can you please check my next question as well

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