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Here are other sentences I need to check. Can you please help me to have a look at them? Thank you.

1) In his Robinson Crusoe, Defoe uses retrospective first person (or 1-st person) narration because he recalls memories from his past adventures.
(Not because the characters are described from the inside).
2) Robinson says that he is really similar to a European in his complexion. However, he describes only few negative aspects. (only few negative physical aspects about Friday).
3) His hair is not curled like wool and his skin is not black but tawny.
The reference to the nauseous tawny shows that Robinson doesn't like the non-European races. In addition, he says that his nose is small and this is in contrast with the flat nose of the negroes.
4) Another feature is that the hero is always a middle-class man with his problems and for this reason the audience (the readers/reader) sympathises with him (the readers sympathize with him?).
5) You paragraphs include long-winded sentences where punctuation rules are not respected.You ofher fail to capitalize words after a period.
6) He decides to make his cave as comfortable as possible. He also makes furniture and pots from clay. In addition, he builds a fence around the cave to protect himself.
7) Moreover, he hunts goats but when he is (not was) running out of gunpowder, he decides to start a goat farm.

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    Please post the sentences as you think they should read. There are too many variations in here.

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