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math for elementary teachers

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Suppose that carpeting cost $12.36 per square yard at a carpet store. what will be the cost to carpet a conference room if the rooms dimensions are 110 ft by 42 ft. (the conference room should seat 380 people using 6' diameter tables each seating 10 people.)

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    110 ft = 36.67 yards
    42 ft = 14 yards

    14 * 36.67 = 513.38 sq. yards

    513.38 * 12.36 = ?

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    Compute the room area in square feet.
    Divide that by 9 for the area in square yards.
    Multiply the square yards by the cost per square yard.

    The seating capacity and table diameter have nothing to do with the calculation. They were presumably used to select or design the room

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    thank you. helped out alot!

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    the roof is a right rectangular prism and the floor is a rectangle. (its the outside of a warehouse). for the roof- the base has 51 x 51. The rectangular for the floor is 120 (l) x 20 (h) x 90 (w). need to find the volume and surface area. (counting the floor) Give an organized list for how you figured out the SA (floor= 120x90=10,800, front left=etc.) teacher said I would have to find the missing piece for the roof using the pathagorean theorem but what is the missing peice? Height maybe?

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