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Writeacher, I urgently need you to revise the introductory part of Chapter 10 (Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde). Can you check tenses,please?

1) In Chapter ten Dr Jekyll comes to the realization of the primitive duality of man. He admits that man is not truly one but two. He is sure that if he can separate his two identities, he will be able to enjoy both lives without guilt or shame.
2) Well before his scientific discoveries, he had daydreamed (?) of separating the good and evil sides which are part of his personality.
3) For this reason, he uses a particular salt ... (you have checked this part).
4) First, he suffers horrible agonies: the most rackling pangs, a grinding in the bones, deadly nausea and a horror in the spirit. Once these agonies begin to subside, he comes to himself as if out of a great sickness. As he changes into Hyde, he experiences a sense of freedom in his increased wickedness.
5) He is physically smaller and younger because, up to that moment, his evil side has always been dominated by the good and is therefore much less exercised.
6) In spite of this, the mark of evil is clearly present on the face of Hyde.
The image of Hyde in the mirror doesn't disgust him though he is aware he has turned into a reckless, tenfold more wicked man.
7) In fact, he finds this image, his pure evil self, much more natural and acceptable than his previously divided self. The others feel him repugnant because, unlike them, Hyde is pure evil.

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