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Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you.

1) You forgot to mention the fact that Robinson keeps himself busy by writing (keeping) a diary using the paper, pen and ink he finds on the wrecked ship.
2) He realizes his gunpowder is running out.
3) The 18-th century novels were written in first or third person narration.
There were specific references to the names of countries, towns and also interiors were (also??) described in detail.
4) His nose is small but not flat, like that of the negroes.
5) Be consistent in the use of tenses within your paragaph. If you start describing the features of the novel using the past you can't switch to the present in tne next sentence.
6) The narrator used/employed first-person or third-person narration (not: he first-person?)to ensure the realism on the novel.
The novels were written in first or third person narration.
7) The main features of 18-th century novels were: the author employed first person or third person narration (better: First, the author .....)
The novels are told in the 1st-person or third-person (it is wrong).

  • English -

    18th (no hyphen)

    Omit "narration."

    The second sentence in #3 should be like this: ... names of countries and towns, as well as detailed descriptions of the interiors of countries.

    For #7 -- ... were as follows:

    A hyphen is not usually used for "first person" or "third person."

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