inverse trig HELP PLEASE!!

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Write the general solution to y = arcsin (0.6428).


How do I find the right answer? I am like seriously stuck. I need help please.

  • inverse trig HELP PLEASE!! -

    set your calculator to degrees (the DRG key)


    you should get 40.00...

    since sinØ has a period of 360° , adding or subtracting multiples of 360° will produce the same answer

    so 40° ± 360k would be the general solution

    you might check with some arbitrary value of k
    say k = 5
    then 40 + 5(360) = 1840
    sin 1840° = .64278 , close enough!

    (on some calculators you have to enter the argument first,

    you will have to test your device.

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