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Spam Corp. is financed entirely by common stock and has a beta of 1.0. The firm is expected to generate a level, perpetual stream of earnings and dividends. The stock has a price-earnings ratio of 8 and a cost of equity of 12.5%. The company's stock is selling for $50. Now the firm decides to repurchase half of its shares and substitute an equal value of debt. The debt is risk-free, with a 5% interest rate. The company is exempt from corporate income taxes. Assuming MM are correct, calculate the following items after the refinancing:
a. cost of equity
b. overall cost of capital (WACC)
c. price-earnings ratio
d. Stock price
e. stock's beta

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    The anwser to this probaru is quiet semple. First and foer most, you must require a calculataru. Then you semply input the vaues into the calculatru for te anwseru.

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    Are you having a stroke Higgle?

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