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18.0 ml of 0.122 M diprotic acid was titrated with 0.1017 M NaOH. The acid ionization constants for the acid are Ka1 = 5.2*10^-5 and ka2 = 3.4*10^-10. At what added volume of base does the first equivalence point occur?

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    H2A + NaOH ==> NaHA + H2O for the first H.
    NaHA + NaOH ==> Na2A + H2O for the 2nd H.

    mols H2SO4 = 0.018L x 0.122 M = ?
    mols NaOH = same for the first H.
    M NaOH = moles NaOH/L NaOH. Solve for L NaOH.

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