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Which of the following is an example of an innate UCS-UCR connection?

sneezing in response to pepper

a temper tantrum

raising your hand before asking a question in a classroom setting

learning to ride a bike by watching your older brother doing so

I believe (learning to ride a bike by watching your older brother doing so ) is the answer. However, I am not sure........ someone help. I can't go to my next homework assignment until I answer this. :(

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    I suggest you study the explanation of unconditioned stimulus and unconditioned response (UCS and UCR) in this site.,articleId-25345.html

    In light of that knowledge, does your answer make sense?

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    Classical conditioning is characterized by several factors.

    I. The key relationship is associating antecedent events.

    II. It originates with reflexive behavior. The behavior is "built in."

    III. Classical conditioning is essentially a process of stimulus substitution. The response essentially remains the same.

    IV. The response is elicited, since the behavior is reflexive.

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