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I am writing an essai about what did i do during my vacation in barcelona !plz help

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    I don't know 20 lignes minimum

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    give me 5 things you did with 3 details each.

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    Have you made an outline of what you did in Barcelona? What did you like best? What did you think of the Sagrada Família?

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    First day i visited the museo dali salvador it was a fabilus place to visit though it countains many great pictures also i viseted las ramblas where i ate with my friends then we hung arround till the night
    The sagrada familia is anincredible church with a unique style i really enjoyed visiting it !bnow help me translate. !!

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    If you post your Spanish translation, I'll send it to our Spanish expert.

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    El. Primer dia visito el museo dali salvador que cobierta muchas maravillosas pinturas y lo me gusto muchisimo luego fui a las ramblas donde tomo con mis amigos in un restaurante y tambien fui a la iglesia de sagrada familia que se caracterisa por su unico style in realidad tuve mucho fun durante este vacation

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    When I went to (name of place) I had very much fun. On the first day I went (name of place,) it has many pictures and I enjoyed that place. I think I might want to go back once or twice. And then my friends and I went to eat at (name of place) and then we just hung out until it got late and we had to go inside. And then on the next day we want to (name of place) which is an incredible church. It had a very unique style ans I really enjoyed visiting it.

    if you need use

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    I'll email this to SraJMcGin, our Spanish expert.

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    El primer día visité el museo de Salvador Dalí que cubría muchas pinturas maravillosas y me gustó muchísimo. Luego fui a las Ramblas donde tomé con mis amigos en un restaurante y también fui a la iglesia de la Familia Sagrada que se caracteriza por su único estilo. En realidad, me divertí mucho durante estas vacaciones.

    You need to tell this in the past tense. visité (Preterit best for action) = I did visit / cubría = was covering (Imperfect best for description)

    gustar means "to be pleasing to someone" and divertirse is the verb "to have fun"

    Don't forget accents where required and capitalization for proper names. If you aren't sure how to spell something, get a good bilingual dictionary.


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    I am writing an essay about what did i do during my vacation in Barcelona please help

    I would like to help

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