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3 grade english ms sue

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directions replace the sound in each word with the correct combination of letters. choose one of the combinations in the box. write the word on the line.

/er/spelled ir,er,ur,ear,or ar spelled

or spelled or,ore,oar

1- moth/er/ my son write (mother)

2-h/er/t my son write(hurt)

3-w/er/d my son write(word)

4-st/or/y my son write(story)

5-lock/er my son write (locker)

6-y/ar/d my son write (yard)

7-b/er/dhouse my son write (birdhouse)

8-s/or/ing my son write (soaring)

9-m/or/ my son write (more)

10-l/er/n my son write (learn)

11-invet/er my son write (inventer)

12-st/ar/t my son write (start)

directions each sentence has two words in ().underline the word that is spelled correctly

13-The U.S.President is sometimes called the (leader, leadir) of the free world. my son underline the word is leader

14- Grapes can be either green or (perple, purple). my son underline the word is purple

15-Dad has an (armful,oarmful)of dirty clothes. my son underline the word armful

16-We agreed to meet after our (fearst,first)class of the morning. my son underlinr ther word us first

17-Will they come (befor,before)or after the party. my son underline the word is before

18-The old desk was not (worth,wurth) the price they wanted for it. my son underline the word is worth

19- Breakfast is usually the (earliest,erliest)meals of the day. my son underline the word is earliest

20-Look on the(chort,chart)to find your son underline the word is chart


  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    Yay! All are correct.

    I'm sorry about the wrong fact/opinion answers. I believe I was thinking more like an adult than a third grader.

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    thank you very checking my son homework and that's ok for fact/opinion homework well next time we will do our best i am sorry too keep always smile like me i am always smile what ever situation came this is our first time wrong so no heart feels all is well once again thank you (:-) keep smile

  • 3 grade english ms sue -


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