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possessive pronouns

direction circle the correct possessive pronoun for ecah sentence.

1-Gems are some of (our,ours)most valuable rocks.

my son circle the word (our)

2-(Their,Theirs)favorite gem is bright green.

my son circle the word (their)

3-Diamonds are found in (my, mine)state.

my son circle the word (my)

4-A ruby is a beautiful gem,and (her,its)color is red.

my son circle the word (its)

5-Ruby is my birthstone,and a diamond is(her,hers).

my son circle the word (hers)

directions write the possessive pronouns in each sentence.

6-Our grandmother has some beautiful gems in her collection.

my son write possessive pronouns is (our ,her)

7-I love the diamond for its brilliant sparkle.

my son write possessive pronouns is (its)

8-My brother James likes the rubies and their deep red color.

my son write possessive pronouns is (their)

9-Grandma has a gem called a moonstone, and it is her favorite.

my son write possessive pronouns is (her)

10-He wanted an emerald,and he received it for his birthday.

my son write possessive pronouns is (he,her)

direction revise the sentence. replace the underlined words with a possessive pronoun.

11-I found a piece of marble,and the marble's color was pink.(underline the is the marble's)

my son write- I found a piece of marble,and its color was pink.

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    Great! The only corrections are:

    8. Possessive pronouns are "my" and "their."

    10. "He" is not possessive.

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  • 3 grade English ms sue -


  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    yesturday which i did with you fact and opinion my son teacher put x on all his homework my son say your homework is all wrong beacuse where you have to write fact their should came opinion upside down all his wrong please next if something like that please help me next time because i problem with fact and opinion thank you very much

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    the children found another key.

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    ulgy sue

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