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The price of a apple increase from R2,40 to R3,72. What is the percentage increase in the price of the apple??

If an exam is 2 and a half hours long and its out of a total of 100 marks
A)how many mintutes do you have in whic to complete the paper??
B) at what rate must you work to ensure you finish the exan within the allowed time??
C)using the answer from C how many marks should you have worked after 6mintutes from the start of the exam??

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    R 3 / R 2 = 72 / 40 = 1.8

    1.8 = 180 %

    180 % - 100 % = 80 %


    a half hours = 30 min


    2 exam / 30 min = 1 exam / 15 min


    0 becouse exam not finish

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    2 and half hours =120+30=150 min

    2/150 = 1 exam/75 min

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