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math word problems

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lydi sold 4/5 of her candles to raise money for the band. she has 8 candles left. how many candles did lydia start with?

a coin purse contains quarters, dimes, and nickes. there are the same number of dimes as nickesl and half as many quarters as dimes. the coins are worth $1.65 . how many of each coin are in the coin purse. ?

the sum of 2 numbers is 20. the greater number is 4 more than the leser number. . what are the 2 numbers?

a garage charged mr. T $48 in parts and $ 36/h in labor . how many hours did the garage spend on mr. t's car if the total bill was $156a?

  • math word problems -

    for the last one i got 3 hours at $36/h = 108

  • math word problems -

    for the 2 numbers that equal 20 i got: 12 + 8 = 20 is that right?

    i m stuck on the first 2 can you help?

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