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Fnet= F1+F2+F3, F1=40N with bearing of 90' , F2=25N with bearing of 30' ,and F3= 12N with bearing of 290' what is the magnitude and direction ....using VECTOR COMPONENTS....

  • Calculus -

    F1= 40sin90 40cos90
    f2= 25sin30 +25cos30
    f3= +12sin290 12cos30

    find each of these values but you can only add cosines with cosines and sines with sines, but then with those values you will need to find the magnitude and the angle of the values

    in case that doesnt make sense.
    [(40cos90+25cos30+12COS290)^2 +

    thats what you need to do...remember this for physics

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