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The mass of a regulation tennis ball is 62.0 (although it can vary slightly), and tests have shown that the ball is in contact with the tennis racket for 34.0 . (This number can also vary, depending on the racket and swing.) We shall assume a 34.0 contact time throughout this problem. The fastest-known served tennis ball was served by "Big Bill" Tilden in 1931, and its speed was measured to be 73.14 . The impulse for his record serve is 4.53. So, What force did Big Bill exert on the tennis ball in his record serve? Pleas help, I'm stuck.

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    you need to find the force, but you already have the impulse. So, since the formula deltap=J, and J=F(deltat). You take the impulse 4.53 and divide by the time in seconds, .034s to find the force. the force would be 133 N

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