Living Environment(please check answers)

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3-not enough info
Transplanting genetic material into bacteria is a simple task- 2

Under certain conditions, bacteria reproduce at a rapid rate-3

The continued use of insulin from animals many cause harmful side effects in some people- 1

The bacteria used in these experiments are normally found only in the nerve tissue of humans- 2

Bacteria other than E. coil are unable to produce insulin - 3

  • Living Environment(please check answers) -

    2) 2
    3) 1
    4) 3
    5) 2

  • Living Environment(please check answers) -

    dwadawwad w

  • Living Environment(please check answers) -


  • Living Environment(please check answers) -

    ya mom

  • Living Environment(please check answers) -

    Which substance was needed to join the insulin gene to the bacteria DNA as shown?

  • Living Environment(please check answers) -


  • Living Environment(please check answers) -


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