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Ms Sue or Damon, as Writeacher is on vacation, I really hope you can check my today's post. I still have a few other sentences.It is extremely urgent!!!

1) To be honest, I had never heard of Derek Landy, but I found out, to my surprise, that he is a well-known Irish contemporary writer who was educated at your school.
2) I read that his first book, Skulduggery Pleasant, won the Red House Children’s Book Award whereas his second, Playing With Fire, won an Irish Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year. Both books have been translated into Italian and published by Rizzoli.
Do you think I should ask my students to read one of them in English?
3) By the way, I will talk about your proposal on summer courses at our teacher-parent meeting of next Tuesday.
4) My mum is seriously ill at the moment and she needs to do radiotherapy on her vocal cords every day. If she gets better, I may decide to come to your school myself together with my son and some of my students. Now I can't make any decision for the future.
5) I need to receive the list of the participating students along with a short letter of presentation of your school on behalf of (from) your headmaster before our next week's meetings.

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    The last sentence, "on behalf of . . ." is fine.

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