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I still need to check this rephrase I once wrote on Dickens' Hard Times. Thank you.

1) Sissy says that her father works with horses in a circus. He belongs to the the horse-riding,that is to the world of imagination Mr. Grandgrind totally rejects.
2) Mr. Gradgrind, however, qualifies her father as horsebreaker, a veterinary surgeon and a farrier. Then he insists on hearing a proper definition of a horse.
3) As Sissy fails to produce it, he turns his attention to another pupil called Bitzer, who happens to sit in the same ray of sunlight which irradiates her. He, in contrast, promptly delivers a dictionary definition of a horse.
4) The depiction of the two little pitchers is achieved by means of contrasts. Sissy is described as black-haired and black-eyed.
5) She represents the world of imagination. Bitzer, on his part, has got a very fair complexion emphasized by his light hair and eyes, which look even paler now that are lit by the sunlight (the sun’s rays).
6) His short-cropped hair might have been a continuation of the freckles on both his face and his forehead.

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    4) pitchers?? Is this what you mean?

    5) "Blitzer has a very" >> Omit "got."

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