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Thank you very much, Damon. Here are a few more sentences I need to check.In particular, a need to know which word choices are possible.

1)He is brought/sent to (into also possible) prison cell 101, where he is systematically beaten and tortured. O’Brien even threatens to use rats against him.
2)If I were asked to complete this sentence with “more” or the “most” which of the two would you use:
3)George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway were among the MORE (or the most) famous foreigners participating in the efforts against the fascists.
4)He experienced poverty first hand beginning to live in common lodging houses and seeking the company of destitute people. (by living in …… and by seeking.. are both possible?)
5)I won't check your paragraphs any longer if you keep using block capitals instead of cursiv.
6) The novel occurs (takes place/BUT not is set) on a cold wind day in April 1984. It deals with/is about/tells of (BUT NOT speak about/tells about) a frail, thirty-nine-year-old man, called Winston Smith.
7) He lives in a small apartment with a telescreen (which contains a telescreen,which is equipped with a telescreen: which are possible?). The telescreen is a camera and a television at the same time.
8) It recors images and sounds at Winston's house to control his life.
The sound of the telescreen can be turned down but not turned off completely.

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