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Boron Phosphide, BP, is a semiconductor, and a hard, abrasion resistant material. It is made by reacting Boron tribromide and phosphorus tribromide in a hydrogen atmosphere at high temperature (>750 degrees C)
(a) Write a Balanced chemical equation for the synthesis of BP

(b) Boron Phosphide crystallizes in zinc blende structure, formed from boron atoms in a face-centered cubic lattice and phosphorus atoms in tetrahedral holes. How many tetrahedralholes are filled with P atoms in each unit cell?

(c) The length of a unit cell of BP is 478pm. What is the density of the solid in g/cm?

(d) Calculate the closest distance between a B and a P atom in the unit cell?
(Assume the B atoms do not touch along the cell edge. The B atoms in the facestouch the B atoms at the corners of the unit cell)

(e.) Determine the radii of B and P, Compared with published values, is the solid ionic ormolecular?

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