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I still have some more corrections I'd like you to check. Thank you. Please, I really need you help!

1) Because of Eton's restrictive moral code he became more and more strong-minded.
He chose Orwell from the name of the river he liked.
2) He changes the words of the news so that they are the same as what the Party says. (?)
He is arrested and imprisoned.
3) He was born Eric Blair Or "as" Eric Blair?
When he looks outside of the window, he sees a cold world full of dust that constrast with the shining sun and the harsh blue sky (OR with the bright sun shining in a harsh blue sky??)
4) Big Brother is a black-moustached man who gazed (??) down from every corner.He is the public image and the leader of the Party.
5) He died of tuberculosis the year after he published his first novel.
Winston wears blue overalls, the uniform of the party.
6)He alters historical events to comply with the Party's version of them.
He loves Big Brother now. (or now he loves: where do you usually place "now"?)
7) Winston is brought in a prison cell (also in cell 101) where O'Brien, an important member of the Party, tortures him.
He wants Winston to believe that what he knows is false.
8) Finally, he is brought to cell 101, where the rats, the thing Winston most fears, are waiting to eat him.
Winston alters the information in the newspapers so as to comply with the party's version of them.

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    3) He was born Eric Blair
    Your second part is better.

    6) You can place that adverb anywhere.

    7) into a prison cell

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