6th Grade Christian History

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To the Romans, what was appealing about Christianity? What did they like about the teachings?

Why were the Christians persecuted by the Romans?

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    I'm sure the answers your teacher wants are in your book.

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    I do not have a book- I am homeschooled

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    Where are you supposed to find these answers?

    You've already stated that you can't use Google.

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    Occasionally they give us a paragraph over each topic. "Nevertheless, Aurelius made his contribution to something other than the better society that he believed in. He passed power to his son, Commodus, which began Rome on a path of ruin.

    Commodus was not the hard worker and self-denying soldier that his father had been. He managed governmental affairs poorly, including selling government offices to the highest bidder. He was a disappointment to Romans. He disliked anyone who reminded him of his failure to live up to his father's moral standards or reminded him that in his youth he had tried to pursue virtue. Like Nero, he tried to win popularity in public performances. He entered the arena, wearing animal skins or elaborate costumes that many thought too feminine. There he stabbed or clubbed animals to death to the applause of the crowd, while many who were not applauding thought that he was demeaning his position as emperor.

    Commodus allowed his Guard in Rome and soldiers elsewhere to be abusive toward civilians. Concerned about opposition from military governors, he had their children cared for under his custody, the children in effect hostages. He had an enemies list of those he planned to execute, but others got to him first. He was assassinated twelve years after having succeeded his father.

    The Senate chose one of their own as emperor, Pertinex, who was assassinated after eighty-seven days. Another Senator, Julianus, bribed his way to a Senate declaration as emperor. Whenever Emperor Julianus appeared in public the Romans jeered him. When news of what was happening in Rome reached the military-governors in the provinces, a number of them became interested in replacing Julianus, and four years of civil war between rival military commanders followed.

    The victorious commander was Septimius Severus. Like some other military commanders, he had been born outside Italy -- in what today is Libya. He had spent most of his career in the provinces and had no sense of Romans as privileged within the empire. Rome, in fact, was being swallowed by its empire. Severus deprived Rome's aristocracy of its traditional places in the city government of Rome and in the military.

    Severus was followed by his son, Emperor Caracalla, who had murdered for power by killing his brother -- in front of their mother. Caracalla extended citizenship to all free persons within the empire, further submerging Rome within its empire.

    Caracalla was assassinated while urinating. And bloodline succession brought to power Severan family weaklings. The last of the Severan emperors was overthrown by an army in the year 235. Like other recent emperors, the new soldier-emperor, Maximinus, was not from Rome. He was the son of Thracian peasants – a German and an Alan. He had little respect for what remained of Rome's institutions. He was the first emperor who did not win or seek Senate confirmation of his rule. He was never to set foot in Rome. But the senators, afraid for their safety, were subdued and only silently antagonistic toward him." is what they gave me

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    This reading has nothing to do with your questions. Tell your teacher, complain. You deserve better than this.

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    Since you're home schooled, your education is your parents' responsibility. Bobpursley is right! Complain!

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    Okay...... sorry if I made you all mad.... ☺

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