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Using the following data calculate Delta Sfus and Delta Svap for K in J/mol-k

Tm(K) = 336,
Delta H Fus(kJ/mol) = 2.33,
Tb (K) = 1033,
Delta H vap (kJ/mol) = 77.1

For Delta S fus i'm supposed to use 336 K the Tm value and for Delta S vap i'm supposed to use 1033 K the Tb value is that correct..?

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    Something that worries me is that the problem even uses "Tm" and "Tb" .. am i supposed to do conversions?

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    I assume Tm stands for the melting point temperature while Tb stands for the boiling point temperature.
    dG = dH - TdS
    At the melting point the system is in equilibrium between the solid and the liquid; at the boiling point the system is in equilibrium between the liquid and vapor.
    0 = 2330 - TdS
    Plug in Tm and solve for dS fusion

    0 = 77100 - TdS
    Plug in Tb and solve for dS vaporization.

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