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A conical scoop is used to remove coffee from the can an place it into a coffee maker. the scoop has a 1 inch diameter and a 2 inch height. if one level scoop is used to make each cup of coffee, how many cups of coffee can be made from a full 2-pound can of coffee? the can's dimensions are; diameter-6in height-6.25 in

would you divide the volumes?

  • geometry -

    yes. Think of the units:

    in^3/can / in^3/cup = cup/can

    volume of can: pi*3^2*6.25 = 450pi/8
    volume of scoop: 1/3 pi * (1/2)^2 * 2 = pi/6

    450pi/8 / pi/6 = 1350/4 = 337.5

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