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vowels: r-controlled

riddle read a clud and write the list word. when you have written all seven word, the answer will appear in the boxes.


what building has the most stories

1- another word for she ________
my son write (herself)
2- before fourth
my son write (third)
3- a sentence has one
my son write (verb)
4- exercise
my son write(workout)
5- sure
my son write(certain)
6- in need of water
my son write(thirsty)
7- in need of a bath
my son write(dirty)

missing words- write a list word to complete each saying.

8-around the
my son write(world)
9-have a lot of
my son write(nerve)
10-down to
my son write(earth)
11-can't get a ______in edgeways
my son write(word)
12-_____your keep
my son write(earn)
13-the ________your keep the 14______
my son write 13 and 14(early,worm)

  • 3 grade english ms sue -


    13 should be

    the early bird gets the worm.

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    my son write same thing 13 is early and 14 is worm i write all together because in the homework paper the sentence is 13 and 14 is one sentence

    thank you very much for checking my son homework

  • 3 grade english ms sue -

    You're very welcome.

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