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Carol had a pizza party for her friends. She ordered 5 different kinds of pizza. After the party was over, she noticed how much each pizza she had left.

Carol's Leftover Pizza
cheese 1/4
Pepperoni 4/8
Sausage 4/12
Veggie 1/3
Supreme 3/4

Which type of pizza was the most popular choice?

Which two types of pizza had the same amout not eaten?
Sausage and Veggie

How much cheese,pepperoni,and supreme pizza did Carol have left after the party?

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    Or is the last one 5/9?

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    Your first answers are right.

    Pizzas left:

    Cheese: 1/4
    Pepperoni: 2/4
    Supreme: 3/4

    Total left: 6/4 = 1 1/2

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    How does pepperoni change to 2/4?

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    I simplified it to 1/2

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    When you add and subtract fractions, all denominators must be the same.

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    Ok Thanks! I see how to do it now

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    You're welcome. :-)

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